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New collection of smartwatches from Frédérique Constant

The Frédérique Constant Horological Smartwatch made its debut in 2015 after a development period of three years, making it the first Swiss ‘smart watch’. Since then Japanese watch giant Citizen has taken over the watch house that was established and made into a success by Peter and Aletta Stas and some things have changed; on the inside mostly, not so much the outside appearances. Frédérique Constant still looks and feels the same and that also applies to sister brand Alpina.

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The RJ-X Pokémon catches ’em all!

This watch carries on where the ‘Pokémon Go’ game leaves off. Those who have completed the entire game should really get this RJ-Romain Jerome as a prize, but that’s not going to happen. To honour the 20th birthday of Pokémon a special variant has been created of the 46mm titanium Moon Invader with the world's most famous ‘pocket monster’ of them all, Pikachu, on the dial.

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Not words but watches. When it's purely about beauty, when complications are conspicuous by their absence, that's when we look at colours, materials and shapes. And that's when it’s advisable and wise to keep silent. ‘Watch and enjoy’, is the motto.

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Piaget Polo S

In 1979 Piaget created the Polo and the watch deserves to be called a legend; at least among the upper class of the day. Look at the watch and you immediately picture the 1970s jet set. Piaget thought it was time for a new model for a new generation, so behold: the Polo S, which definitely has some of the same design elements. What stands out is the cushion-shaped dial in a round, 42mm case.

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In retrospective: the Rolex Oyster 1935

0024 WatchWorld looks back to the past, when innovative watches were being created that proved to have great influence on the development of the watch industry. We follow the trail of these milestones by reminiscing with the use of old advertising campaigns. In this twelfth episode we would like to take you back to 1935, when Sir Malcolm Campbell was setting speed records in his Bluebird, wearing a Rolex Oyster on his wrist.

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