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Salon 0024: a pictorial

From Friday April 29th till Sunday May 1st, haute horlogerie and jewellery brands present their showpieces at Salon 0024. This fine watches & jewellery event is an initiative from 0024 WatchWorld. The event will be held at the luxury hotel InterContinental Amstel in Amsterdam. In the coming days our reporters will photograph the most stunning pieces and post it online. Enjoy this compilation of Instagram photos.

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Win “Frankenwatch” watch art at Salon 0024

Watches & Pencils at Salon 0024: win a “Frankenwatch”

Vintage watches are more popular than ever. But finding a completely original one which has not been tampered with is hard. You might end up with a so-called "Frankenwatch"! That horror keeps the Dutch illustrator and watch enthusiast Teun van Heerebeek occupied. It led to the cartoon “Frankenwatch”, where Teun’s love for watches and pencils come together.

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