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Retrospective: 1969 Omega Speedmaster Mark II

We look back to the past, when innovative watches were being created that proved to have great influence on the development of the watch industry. We follow the trail of these milestones by reminiscing with the use of old advertising campaigns. In this episode we would like to take you back to 1969, when Omega gave the Speedmaster a new, “funky” look.

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Gezocht: Content Creator bij MotoMax Media

We willen op korte termijn ons team versterken met een hard werkende content creator die vooral voor onze digitale media teksten kan schrijven en weet aan welke eisen deze teksten moeten voldoen om zoveel mogelijk aandacht te creëren voor onze media in de verschillende typen social media kanalen. Aanwijsbare ervaring met bloggen, perfecte beheersing van het Nederlands EN het Engels, een sterke affiniteit met luxe (vooral met horloges) zijn onmisbaar als je deze functie goed wilt vervullen.

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What is the most popular brand over 50,000 euro?

Don't say you've never done this: daydream about the watch you would buy if money was not an object. It would not be an easy decision, because at best the number of choices can be called overwhelming. Because we are curious to find out which watch houses are searched for the most when people have 50,000 euro - or much, much more - to spend (in their daydreams!), we asked Chronolytics to do some research.

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Kristian Haagen column: Entertain me!

0024 reporter Kristian Haagen went to a horological presentation at a famous watch brand together with a group of journalists from around the world. There the press officer went into details about a new calibre, indicating that this was a new in-house movement. Saying 'in-house' is a dangerous word. Especially because it is only the very few watch brands that actually offers a true in-house movement.

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