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Julien Haenny is Anonimo’s new CEO

Anonimo, the watch brand based near Geneva since 2013, has announced the appointment of its new CEO. The role has gone to Julien Haenny, who has been the brand's Marketing and Communication Director for the last year. He has already made a name for himself in the watchmaking industry, where he has honed his skills over the last ten years.

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Rolex Air-King or Tudor Heritage Black Bay?

With the introduction of the Heritage Black Bay in 2012 Tudor hit the bull's-eye. In one fell swoop the sister brand of the mighty Rolex stopped being a producer of wallflowers and instead became the manufacturer of a desirable diver’s watch that captured all eyes. All the commotion surrounding Tudor drew away attention from the stoically operating Rolex. Has Tudor become cooler than Rolex?

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The new Chanel is quite the gentleman

Monsieur de Chanel is the latest men's watch from the iconic French house of Chanel. The sophisticated new addition is subtle, restrained and refined; it simply drips savoir faire. But before ‘monsieur’ received its accoutrements it took five long years of working on its skeleton and beating heart. The Calibre 1 with jumping hours and retrograde minutes is a ‘first’ with an exceptional exterior and interior.

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Montblanc’s mighty watch men: Ambassador Hugh Jackman

From idea to watch. This realisation is a process in which the CEO, the Watch Division Director, the Creative Director and the Ambassador step onto the stage and play a leading role with devotion, dedication and love. These past four years a lot has happened and changed at Montblanc when it comes to watches. 0024 WatchWorld talked to four initiators of these changes. In this fourth and last episode: Ambassador Hugh Jackman

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